PolarPro Summit Essential Kit

Landscape filter system

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PolarPro Summit Essential Kit - Landscape filter system

The launch of the Summit landscape filter system continues PolarPro’s long-standing commitment to supporting the industry with innovative and optically superior products. The minimalist form factor of the Summit filter system and design-forward lightweight aluminum construction, as compared to traditional landscape filter systems, makes for the most ideal kit for photographers who challenge the elements. Our designers and pro-team spent 3 years refining and optimizing operation enabling precision light control. Re-invented aluminum frames – built onto each filter – will allow professionals to swap filters, without worrying about fingerprints. Ushering in a handful of new and innovative functionalities for landscape, fine art, and long-exposure photographers.

Expertly machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
Independent rotation of the circular polarizer to diffuse reflected light and enhance user operation over square polarizers
Light-sealed slots when utilizing 1 filter element or all 3, blocking artificial light sources that can cause problematic glare and lens flare
Filter System rotates 360 degrees around the Thread Plate allowing full control over your gradient filter orientation
Filter Locks securely clasp filters at your desired position during transport and use
Quartz Glass and hyper-neutral coating processes ensure your composition turns out exactly how you envision


Kit Includes:
Soft Storage Case
77mm Thread Plate
82mm Thread Plate
ND64 Filter
ND1000 Filter
ND4 GR Filter
CP Filter
175mm Microfiber Cloth(s)

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