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PolarPro BaseCamp VND Kit

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PolarPro BaseCamp VND Kit

We built the industry’s lightest matte box system to alleviate the excess weight of today’s camera gear. This system’s completely tool-less Variable Neutral Density configuration allows you to adapt to any lighting change at a moment’s notice without swapping filters. We took durability to a new level in this design, building aluminum frames into each filter so you are confident using it in extreme conditions without the worry of fingerprints or scuffs during handling. From scaling El Capitan to flying heavy lifts above Denali this minimalist matte box is constructed for adventurous run-and-gun filmmakers like you.


- Lightest Matte Box System Designed specifically for Aerial and Gimbal use (298g)
- 100% Tool Free Operation from installing onto rails to removing the hood, - BaseCamp is optimized for the Run n’ Gun filmmaker
- Aluminum Filter Frames are permanently built onto each filter, making handling and switching filters easier than ever before
- VND Configuration unlocks full light control without having to change out filters

Kit Includes:
- Core
- Hood
- Flag
- Soft Storage Case
- Clamp Rings (80mm, 87mm, 95mm, 100mm, 104mm, 110mm)
- 77mm Thread Plate
- 82mm Thread Plate
- VND 2-5 Filter
- VND 6-9 Filter
- CP Filter
- 175mm Microfiber Cloth(s)

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