Polar Pro Katana PRO - DJI Mavic Air

Tray/T-Grip Combo

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Katana Pro | Mavic Air

    Pro version includes Mavic Air Katana and T-Grip
    T-Grip enables one-handed and low angle camera control
    Capture precise cinematic ground shots with the DJI Mavic Air
    Includes cell phone monitor mount to frame each scene perfectly


The Katana Pro was developed for one simple reason, to harness the power of your Mavic Air's camera and gimbal, while shooting on the ground.  Katana enables you to capture precise hand-held shots in tight or difficult to fly spaces. The Katana Pro includes the full Katana Tray System and T-Grip. PolarPro’s new mobile phone mount is also included allowing you to see exactly what you are filming as you shoot. The monitor mount ensures that your shots are framed up perfectly. Katana also allows you to use your Mavic in no-fly zones such as national parks, indoors or in crowds. While you may not be able to fly, you can still capture the moment professionally. From action sport follow-cams to small video productions, the creative possibilities Katana enables are only limited by your imagination.


Height: (235mm)

Width:  (293.7mm)

Depth:  (234mm)


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