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BLACK - EU42,5/MP280

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Vagabond TLS er en prisgunstig snowboardboot laget for en mest mulig komfortabel brukeropplevelse. Støvelen er myk i fleks og passer best for utøvere opptil middles øvet nivå. Vagabond TLS har innerstøvel som kan varmetilpasses og hurtiglissesystemet TLS.

The Total Comfort Package
Nitro´s Vagabond snowboard boot offers a progression friendly performance and foothold you can feel from walking to the lift to charging down your last run.

The Vagabond snowboard boot offers a sure foothold, support, and warmth that allows for fun runs all day long, no matter the weather. The Rubber Outsole offers protection and super grip for hiking or long walks back to the car, while the Interlock Cloud Liner keeps your feet warm and your heel fixed season after season. Developed with a laser focus on support and user-friendly features to allow you to ride with confidence and control, making the Vagabond the perfect boot to get you easily all over the mountain without breaking the bank.




- Rubber Outsole
A highly effective traction pattern, combined with an abrasion-resistant high-grip rubber compound provides additional sole durability and a perfect grip, no matter if you're hiking up the park or down the stairs to the bathroom.
- TLS Twin Lacing System
Nitro leading the pack with the TLS 5 lacing system: Easy lace engagement and release, combined with the low abrasion of our Dyneema® laces are the key factors of this highly reliable zonal lacing system. At the same time, the TLS 5 features compact size and low weight while maintaining the reliability proven by tens of thousands of days on the mountain. Even though rarely needed, servicing and replacement of all parts including the lace are easier than with any other system on the market. Even using a standard lace if you're in a pinch is an option only available on Nitro's TLS boots. Easy-entry handle storage pockets as well as our Bail Out system for easier entry and exit round off the most developed dual lacing system on the market.
- Molded TLS Lace Handles
Our molded TLS lace handles provide better grip and comfort for more lacing power.
- Bail Out System
Designed to make unlacing the TLS system even easier. This pull tab that is placed in the middle of the TLS lacing system on the outside of the boot allows for effortless unlacing and recording breaking speeds for taking your boots off.
- Cloud 1 Liner
Our comfortable youth liner provides an unparalleled sure heel and foothold with its Interlock System and Pre-Molded EVA liner material. This season we have upgraded our entry-level liner with our Re/Lace Liner Locker and Dyneema laces for an even better fit. Developed to keep a growing foot happy, comfortable, warm, while maintaining the foothold that you need for progression.
- Interlock Cloud Liner
Developed to help keep the liner heel in one place and eliminate any kind of heel slippage or lifting. This ladder unit helps connect the liner heel to the shell to help generate the world's best foothold. Say goodbye to heel slipping and hello to all-day comfort and foothold.
- DLS Liner Lacing
Directly connected to the liner, the DLS also features Dyneema® loaded low-friction laces on selected models for ultimate fit and comfort.
- Eva Footbed


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