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Nitro Bankers form, sintrede såle og responsive kjerne, vil hjelpe deg med å fly gjennom doserte svinger med letthet og kraft, noe som gjør det til det raskeste brettet i Quiver-serien. Brettet har særdeles godekantegenskaper og gir et fantastisk skjær for øvede kjørere. Banker har sintret såle med svært gode glidegenskaper. Liker du svinger i stor fart, er dette et svært godt valg for deg.

2020/2021 marks the 8th season of our now legendary Quiver Series, which started as a modest three board offering with the OG Quiver Pow and has now grown into one of snowboarding´s most progressive snowboard lineups with functional unique shapes to provide you with a better experience for those powder days at home, early morning groomers, banked slalom events, or just ripping the backside of your favorite mountain destination. The eighth season of the Nitro Quiver Series is packed with even more new sizes and models: the 156 Banker and the new and improved Quiver Slash. Tommy Delago, founder of Nitro snowboards has teamed up with Bryan Fox once again to shake things up - They decided to create a Quiver Series that offers a board shape, flex, sidecut to help make every type of snowboarding even more fun, while they all tie together with a simple graphic concept created by Bryan Fox Smith to allow you to keep these boards in your personal quiver for years to come. The purpose and goal of the Quiver series is to provide a more fun and exciting ride during a powder day, banked slalom event, or any other type of terrain than the ride your standard all-mountain or freestyle board can offer.

A Team Favorite For Speed
It´s time to clear your shelf because the Banker was engineered to bring home some serious bank slalom hardware. The team favorite Quiver Banker´s shape, sintered base, and responsive core will help you fly through banked turns with ease and power, making it the fastest board in the Quiver Series.

The Quiver Banker Snowboard was specifically designed to go fast in and out of banked slaloms, groomers, and pow fields no matter what mountain range you find yourself racing in. For years Bryan has wanted a board that will be their go-to turning and burning board and this is what we have engineered - a board so powerful and fast you will need a strap for your hat. This year we have introduced a new size, a 156 cm, to complement the original 159 and allow more people to experience the Bankers Directional and Mid-Wide shape which allows you to lay into those turns. The Trüe Camber and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will provide you with speed and power right out of the gates. If you are looking for an everyday all-mountain speed machine with a passion for ripping groomer turns or high speeds through the trees than the Banker was designed to help you go faster than you have ever imagined!




- Shape: Directional
- Camber: Trüe
Trüe Camber is good old standard camber, which provides the stability, and pop many shreds can´t live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber design. Our Trüe Camber varies between board models because each board is specifically designed for a certain terrain or type of riding, for example the Trüe Camber in our Pantera has a larger height for maximum response, while the Trüe Camber in our freestyle boards are lower to provide you with a more freestyle friendly flex, without losing the support and trust you need for stomping landings. Camber is Camber there is no point in over complicating it!
- Width: Mid-Wide
- Flex: All-Terrain
Our most versatile flex pattern, combining Nitro’s signature pop with smooth response, allowing you to tear up the entire mountain.
- Sidecut: Progressive
A larger radius in the front, blended into a tighter one towards the tail: The progressive sidecut makes accelerating out of turns a breeze, while maintaining a catch-free nose area.

- Powercore II
The Powercore II is a tip-to-tail poplar wood core with additional beech wood stringers for unrivalled strength, smooth response and insane snap.
- Reflex Core Profile
A thinner core profile between your feet improves handling and increases torsional flex, allowing you to steer your board through a turn with ease.
- Bi-Lite Laminates
Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivalled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
- Sintered Speed Formula II Base
Utilizing a new base material compound, we have been able to achieve higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absorption and higher on-snow speeds.





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