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Crush Light Chroma

Lightweight and easy to pack, the colorful Crush Light Chroma turns any campsite into a party. This collapsible solar lantern boasts six color modes and a multi-color fade in addition to the same three white light settings and candle flicker mode of the award-winning Crush Light. Charge it up quickly from any USB port before you go and use the built-in solar panel to keep it powered from the sun throughout your adventure.

Crush Light Chroma Highlights

Light it.
This collapsible solar powered lantern is a lightweight companion to any adventure with 60 lumens of usable light on high, and a 35 hour runtime on low. It also features a soft candle flicker mode for ambiance.

Color it.
With six different color modes and a multi-color fade, you can turn any campsite into a party.

Charge it.
The Crush Light Chroma charges up with ease from any USB port via micro USB cable (included) and can be powered from the sun via its built-in solar panel.

Crush it.
The Crush light Chroma is as easy to store as it is to use, collapsing to just over half an inch.

NOTE: Crush Light Chroma ships in Demo Mode. To take it out of Demo Mode, press and hold on/off button for 10 - 15 seconds.

Two Ways to Charge the Crush Light Chroma

Recharge the Crush Light Chroma from the sun with built-in solar panel.

Charge from any USB port via micro USB cable (included).

Charge Times

    USB Source: 2.5 hrs
    Nomad 7: 2.5 hrs
    Built-in Panel: 20 hrs


    USB Micro (input): 5V, up to 0.5A 2.5W max

Battery Details

    Cell Chemistry: Lithium Polymer
    Cell capacity: 1.85Wh (3.7V, 500mAh)


    Product SKU: 32013
    Chainable: No
    Dimensions (Open):(125 x 125 x 100mm)
    Dimensions (Closed):(125 x 125 x 15mm)


    Full Bright, 4 Lights: 60 Lumens, 3000K

Run Time

    High power: 3 hours
    Medium power: 6 hours
    Low power: 35 hours
    Candle light: 3.5 hours
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